Nighty Night! Tips for When it's Time to Buy a New Mattress

CW33 News Dallas - July 26, 2012 - Nothing beats a good night's rest and feeling refreshed in the morning. Unless of course, you have a saggy mattress.

Before you turn in for the night, take a good look at your bed. Is it time?

"Any kind of hammocking in a mattress is what hurts your back the most," said Chuck Pazderny of Sleep Experts.

People buy new mattresses for various reasons - new body pains, or they want a change in bed size, or they just feel their current mattress is too old.

"Generally, you're going to purchase a new mattress every 10 to 12 years," said April Cook of Ikea.

When it's time, how do you shop for a new mattress? Don't break the first rule of bed shopping – don't press down on the bed! You need to lay in bed, in the store, for at least 15 minutes.

"We like to make it quiet, and comfortable, and not intimidating atmosphere," said Pazderny.

That short time in bed will pay off in the end.

"See how it feels. See how it moves, see if it gets too hot, too cold," said Cook.

The experts at Sleep Experts say the technology has likely changed drastically since the last time you bought a mattress. We're moving away from springs and more towards independent coils or foam.

"It's all glued together so it can't move around or bunch up. That's where you get the longevity," said Pazderny.

There are mattress for every kind of sleep pattern and comfort.

"If you tend to get really warm when you sleep, a latex mattress may be the best option for you," said Cook.

Because there are so many options, don't plan on walking into a store and buying a mattress like you buy groceries.

"We want you to get in a bed that you love," said Pazderny.

Ikea does well in consumer ratings because they own the manufacturing process and there's no middleman.

"We can charge an average of $510 for a great quality Ikea mattress," said Cook.

Also before buying, read over the store's return policy, delivery options, and old mattress removal. All will vary.

These days, buying a mattress takes the time and thought of buying a car, so be sure to give it a nice test drive.

- by Tommy Noel