Ellis County Family Rocked by Tragedy Gets Heartwarming Christmas Surprise

Fox 4 News DFW - Dec 23, 2013 - An Ellis County family that has been rocked by tragedy got a heartwarming surprise for Christmas.

Things for single mom Krystal Herrera have been tough over the past year, but when her 9-year-old son Seth died suddenly last month, Christmas for her and her other three children was put on hold - until Monday.

Herrera was at work when she got a call that Seth was having an asthma attack. Hours later, the boy was dead.

"We're grateful to God for the time that we did have him," she said.

One of Herrera's coworkers reached out to a radio station, which got help for the family from Christine Cook with Sleep Experts.

"We knew that we had to help and we wanted to bless your family this Christmas," said Cook to Herrera.

Now, in addition to new beds for Herrera's children, there are stacks of presents, including a computer, where only a handful of Christmas gifts once sat.

"It was cool 'cause it's never been like this before," said Herrera's son, Steven. "We never had this good a Christmas, like my mom said."

But the gift that moved Herrera to tears was being told her car would be paid off and rent would be paid for the next year.

"For a whole year, we've struggled so much, and I've always prayed that, you know, it's gonna be easier, and I hang in there and hang in there," said Herrera.