Elegant tailoring, stylish features, body conforming comfort and superior pressure relief are the qualities you will discover with a Kingsdown® mattress set. Building on a heritage since 1904, Kingsdown® has been providing innovative luxurious support. Experience the difference with Sleep Experts exclusive line of Kingsdown luxury at affordable prices.

The Kingsdown Difference


At first glance, you will assume that a Kingsdown® mattress is like no other. Try it for yourself, you'll have no doubt this mattress is the definition of elegant comfort.


Constructed with the finest materials, Kingsdown® mattresses will give you that "wow" feeling the first time you lie down. Experience the benefits for years to come.


Since 1904, we've not only been manufacturing mattresses - we've been developing sleep solutions. Because people's needs are constantly changing, technology is constantly adapting. That's why we refuse to follow trends. Instead, we set them.

Is Kingsdown
Right for You?

Individually Wrapped Inner Springs for Superior Support

Individually Wrapped Coils allow the mattress to conform to your body and reduce partner disturbance. Sleep soundly and undisturbed.

Cushion Cloud® Construction

Our exclusive, patented construction process provides a relaxed, Low Pressure® sleep surface, which allows the body to conform to the body. Deep down comfort for a better night's sleep.

Full Body Surround®

Six-sided fully encased mattress unit provides edge-to-edge sleeping surface, superior edge support in a no-flip design

Vertical Zoning®

Precisely layered comfort materials allow your body to "float" to its natural position. Your body receives maximum pressure relief while still being properly supported.

Chilly Wave™ Gel Infused Memory Foam

Chilly Wave™ is Memory Foam infused with Gel beads to offer the bed-to-body conforming support of Memory Foam with the Cooling Properties of Gel. Available in specific models.

Wood Foundation

A wood foundation made from lumber harvested from renewable forests. The foundation supports the mattress so it can assist in delivering proper spinal support, keeping the head, shoulders, hips and heels in a natural aligned position.