Sleep is the Ultimate Luxury

Exclusive to Sleep Experts, the Kingsdown Exquisite CollectionTM represents a truly remarkable breakthrough where luxurious appointments, advanced materials and true scientific design are handcrafted together. You’ve never slept like this before!

The Kingsdown Exquisite Difference

The culmination of taking the world’s finest materials, designed to provide unsurpassed pressure relief and micro-conforming support, with a science driven design process that has been literally decades in the making. And while each style has been adorned in a Gel-Infused Natural Luxury Fabric with the Exquisite “Signature Crest” and a beautiful Chenille border treatment – what’s truly Exquisite lies beneath the surface. Upon completing the Expert Match experience, treat yourself to the Exquisite style that’s been specifically designed for your body. Discover what a great night and a wonderful day can actually feel like… it’s Exquisite!

Gel-infused Natural Luxury Fabric

Both an exceptionally soft, yet cool touch for enhanced comfort.

Micro-Denier Gel Fiber

Gives an ultra fine down-like feel enhanced with the temperature benefits of gel.

Ventilated Gel-Infused Kingsfoam

A proprietary blending of wonderful benefits; high density for durability combined with gel to draw heat away from the body and airflow to actively move excess heat out of your bed

Pressure Relieving Latex & Ventilated Gel Memory Foam

The most advanced materials available, designed to significantly reduce pain caused by pressure points – while also helping to regulate your temperature

Ventilated Full Body Surround

Fully encased on all 6 sides, creating a much stronger and more comfortable edge… with air flow for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Sleep To Live Certification

Your handcrafted bed is tested and certified to feel and perform exactly as it was designed to. No one else does this!